Primary Care into Behavioral Health Sub-Action Team

Goals & Objectives:



Increase the number of unique clients who receive physical health care in a behavioral health setting

  • Objective 1:  Enhance training and resources for behavioral health to enable optimal treatment for primary care services.

  • Objective 2:  Assess capacity to develop and create models for primary care integration into behavioral health.  

  • Objective 3:  Establish partnerships with primary care agencies to integrate into behavioral health.



1. Lake County Health Department Behavioral Health Home Primary Care Integration Project.

2. The Lake County Health Department and Nicasa will examine ways to integrate primary care into partner agency.


Pat Davenport

A Safe Place

Richard Dilger

Advocate Health Care

Loretta Dorn, Co-Chair

Lake County Health Department

Bruce Johnson, Co-Chair


Dr. Dora Maya

Arden Shore Child and Family Services

Janelle Moravek

Youth and Family Counseling

Carmen Patlan

Maureen Murphy

Catholic Charities

Brenda O’Connell

The Lake County Community Development


Former BHS Director -

Lake County Health Department

A Safe Place


Dr. Ted Testa, Co-Chair


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