Call to Collective Action

The Together Summit delved into the vitally important work of moving from doing "good things" to understanding the power of "shared accountability." There was a strong emphasis upon the message that alleviating the burden of chronic disease in Lake County is critical to our shared successful future.  The Summit concluded with a proposal of three specific community health improvement initiatives, which have large policy, system, and environmental change implications for all of Lake County.  Ninety-eight percent of surveyed participants stated that they wanted to join at least one of the initiatives.

Community Health Improvement Initiatives

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of adult smokers began before the age of 21


of Lake County adults are overweight or obese


of Lake County adults have a diagnosed mental health issue

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Tobacco 21: 

Go Lake County:

Behavioral Health Capacity & Infrastructure:

Together Summit Results

Together Summit participants were asked to fill out a survey in regards to their interest in the above initiatives.

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More About the Summit

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